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Congratulations! You have made the first step in improving your health! All health programs and plans are designed to give you a collaborative one-on-one with your dedicated physician and health team. We offer flexible plans, should you decide to modify your custom health plan. Payment plans are also available. Many services are covered by extended benefits, please refer to your provider and plan for more details. We are always happy to work with your provider.

All plans are personalized to you and your program:

Younger Women (< 35)

Midlife Health (> 35)

Men's Health (All Ages)

Which program/plan is right for you? Contact our Client Care Coordinator to find out which plan/program is best for you. You may also consult with your physician which plan is best for you during your initial consultation.


Fees effective Jan.15, 2016

Personal Hormone Health Consultation1 $350

This can be a stand alone consultation or the first step to a health plan. Your Personal Hormone Health Consultation gives you collaborative one-on-one care by our physician and health team. Your private consultation includes:

  • Review of medical history, health concerns, risk factors, and lifestyle
  • Physical exam
  • Risk assessment
  • Body composition analysis - measurement of fat/muscle ratio
  • Personalized recommendations for management and health optimization
  • Educational binder
  • Educational seminar

(Full payment required at time of booking)

Comprehensive Hormone
Health Plan2

Total $1965 for women, $2020 for men

Includes Consultations & Testing

This 12 month plan includes:


+ Personal Hormone Health Consultation (Assessment)

+ Comprehensive hormone testing and

 consultation to asses:

o Estrogen

o Progesterone


o Testosterone

o Adrenal/Cortisol Status

o Thyroid Hormones

+ Individualized risk assessment

+ Lifestyle assessment and coaching

+ Ongoing integrative health consultations and progress reviews

+ Follow ups as medically needed

+ Supplements review

+ Dedicated physician and health team

+ Allied health workshops

+ Ideal for men and women who want the best value in optimization of hormones and vitality through integrative medicine.



Comprehensive Urine Test + Physician Interpretation

$690.00 for women ($427.00 Test + $263.00 Interpretation)

$745.00 for men ($482.00 Test + $263.00 Interpretation)

Get the most accurate picture of your hormone profile along with the expert advice and recommendations collaborated with you, your dedicated physician and health team. Our test kits are easy to use in the privacy of your home and directly couriered to the lab. You will also have complementary access to our integrative health seminars. This add-on is already included in the Comprehensive Hormone Health Plan.

 Virtual Consultation  $200.00
Are you from out of town? Or do you prefer a virtual consultation?  Video conference with our entire team of physicians, client care coordinator, and more. Please note some services must be performed in office in person (arrangements can be made with a local physician in your area. Please contact our Client Care Coordinator for more information).


*Some services provided are covered by MSP. Integrated and preventive services are not covered by MSP


1.$350.00 payment in full required; Full deposit refundable, minus a $75.00 administrative fee, with 3 business days notice prior to initial consultation.

2. $690.00 (females) $745.00 (males) for hormone testing and review, payable at time of receiving test kit; balance of $925.00 payable at results interpretation appointment.


Payment plans are available for the Plan Balance


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