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We go far beyond treating the symptoms of hormonal imbalance and offering "one size fits all" solutions. We look at the body as a whole and create individual treatment plans that address all aspects of your well-being - physical, nutritional, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle. We also educate you, to help you make informed choices and prevent more serious health problems in the future.

Your Personal Health Plan is designed for one full year. Sticking to the plan and being proactive about your lifestyle changes will generate noticeable results. After the first year, you may choose to renew your plan for additional years as needed.


Your Personal Health Plan includes:


Initial Consultation - This visit includes a comprehensive assessment and examination. One of our physicians will review your medical history, assess your health risks, discuss your main concerns, outline preventative strategies, and discuss a management plan for you. You will then meet with the Patient Educator who will integrate the physicians recommendations, educate you on individual lifestyle modifications, and create a customized program for you. She will answer any questions you may have and explain the hormone test.

Hormone Test - We use the gold standard in hormone testing, a 24-hour urine test. This state-of-the-art technology will provide the most comprehensive assessment of your hormones, thyroid and adrenal gland function, and determine how well your liver metabolizes hormones.

Results Appointment - Your doctor will analyze the results and meet with you to determine the best course of action for symptom management, lifestyle modification, and wellness. The Patient Educator will then discuss implementation of these recommendations; educate you on specific lifestyle modifications; explain any supplements you have been suggested; and give you appropriate resources to enhance your understanding.

Regular Check-ups - You'll meet with your doctor every 3 monthsto review your progress with your health and lifestyle goals, symptoms, supplements and medications. Additional appointments may also be made to review diagnostic test results or if you are experiencing symptoms that require medical attention.

Educational Support - Our Hormone Health Seminars are an important and empowering part of your Personal Health Plan. Please ensure you attend.

Educational Binder - This is an excellent resource filled with information on all midlife health issues, as well as specific handouts regarding your particular risk factors and lifestyle needs. You will also receive copies of all lab results and diagnostic tests.

Additional general appointments may be made for an extra fee. For more information, please see the section on fees.

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