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"It was great to meet like-minded physicians who bring leading edge, holistic medicine to Canadian women. I applaud you for taking the initiative to educate and empower women during their challenging stage of life and hormonal journey. I hope our paths cross again in the future.

Sincerely, Christine" - Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD, best selling author



"I am happy to know you are doing such incredible work. If I can help in any way, please call."- Suzanne Somers, best selling author


"I was a mess. Yes life was stressful, but bursting into tears for no reason during a benign conversation was new to me and certainly not normal. I was soaking my bed three times nightly. At work, I would sit alone at lunch too tired and unhappy to connect with others, let alone walk down the street to a restaurant. Finally, somebody I trusted told me about the Westcoast Women's Clinic. I followed their advice, did the testing and took the treatments. I am eternally grateful for the peace, better health, self-knowledge and wisdom passed on to me. It has been life altering. Thank you from the essence of my soul."- female, 55 years old


"When I first came to the clinic, my energy was completely depleted and I was extremely discouraged. Your generosity of time, compassion and expertise has given me hope."- female, 45 years old


"The medical guidance I received helped me lose 20 lbs and lower my blood pressure. Now I have the confidence to lose the rest."- female, 52 years old


"I have suffered through many years of menopause. My family doctor tried to find relief for me through (synthetic) Hormone Replacement Therapy, which I used for 10 years. When it stopped helping my symptoms three years ago, I was having fierce hot flashes every two hours, day and night, and nearly went crazy due to sleep deprivation. Thankfully the doctors at Westcoast Women's Clinic were able to bring my symptoms under control, and even addressed some related issues as well. My quality of life has greatly improved and I know that my senior years will be healthier and happier."- female, 64 years old


"Thank you so much for all the support, guidance and direction you have given me on my journey. Your time, authentic compassion and follow through mean more to me than you know, and have brought me closer to achieving my health goals."- female, 28 years old


"I feel such gratitude for the highly competent and supportive care I received. I felt listened to, respected, received comprehensive information about the various therapeutic options, and was taught how to care for myself through this period of my life. I felt empowered to make choices that suit my particular body and lifestyle. My overall health has improved dramatically, I feel like my old self again, energetic and happy to be alive."- female, 61 years old


"The intelligent and thoughtful care I received has greatly improved my relationship and life."- male, 62 years old


"I would highly recommend Westcoast Women's Clinic for anyone wanting a physician that specializes in Pre and Post menopausal symptoms - a field that most general practitioners (in my experience) don't know much about. Their office staff was also efficient, caring and attentive. My whole experience with the clinic was a positive one."- female, 60 years old


"Wow, thank you taking me seriously! My previous experience with medical professionals has been patronization and disrespect for my self-knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for the service you are providing to women, for allowing us to take back our power of choice and be our unique selves." - female, 54 years old


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